Welcome! I’m Sara Melson. I’m eternally grateful to have yoga in my life, which is why I am intent upon sharing it with others. I especially love introducing yoga to people for the very first time. It is immensely gratifying to me to heal, inspire, and ignite my students. Teaching for me is a two-way street, in that I am likewise transformed by it.


I’ve been teaching yoga for well over a decade now, and studying and practicing for the last half of my life. My formal teacher-training was with Julie Kleinman and James Brown at Yogaworks Los Angeles, and my first teachers were Maty Ezraty, Chuck Miller, and Erich Schiffman at Yogaworks in Santa Monica, California, many years ago. I think it is safe to say that the guidance of these mentors has changed my life forever. I have the incomparable Noah Williams to thank for introducing me to my current practice of the Ashtanga series. I continue to be challenged by him daily, as well as by the wonderful Jodi Blumstein, in my own practice.


My style of teaching is a blend of the various schools of yoga that I have learned and incorporated into my life and practice. Thus I tend to merge the vigorous, deep breath and fluid transitions of Ashtanga and Vinyasa Flow with an emphasis on correct alignment within the postures. In addition, because I come from a ballet background, my classes feel more like a dance than a string of individual poses. This merging of movement with breath is what creates a sense of freedom, lightness, and fun, as well as a deeply soothing hypnotic, meditative state. I tell people that yoga is “flossing” your body, and in turn your mind, and spirit. It’s a much-needed inwardly focused “time-out” from the noise of our busy lives; like giving ourselves a massage, from the inside out.

Over the years, I’ve taught at many LA studios: Yogaworks, City Yoga, Karuna Yoga, Liberation Yoga, Crunch, and Yoga Tree San Francisco. I’ve also developed a thriving group of private students, who prefer to study with me one-on-one. This is a powerful way to enhance and deepen one’s understanding of the alignment and technique required to protect oneself from injuries both on and off the mat. No matter what, my teaching is always a dynamic exchange, geared and attenuated to the individual needs of my students. My goal: to help you safely progress beyond the boundaries of your perceived limitations, to surprise you just when you thought you could no longer surprise yourself, and to delight you with the fullness of who you can be; who you are. I hope to inspire you to develop your own personal practice that you can take home with you, wherever you may travel. I look forward to taking this journey with you.